Saturday, September 1, 2012

Yarndeavors is International!

Just a brief update.

  1. It's official—Yarndeavors is international. A very large shipment, including a couple of custom skeins, went to Australia, and another skein is enjoying the ambiance of Japan.
  2. The Yarndeavors domain name remains intact, but the site hosted there is coming down as all sales have been moved to Etsy. I've been busy tonight relocating the important data over here on the blog and interconnecting the Facebook Fan Page, the Etsy Shop, and Ravelry. (Everything is linked to the right under Pages.)
  3. The dye pots have been resting but expect to see new skeins appearing soon.

Fall is here, cool weather approaches, and it's time to think Holiday Knitting. A skein of Alizarin sock yarn/fingering weight would make a lovely shawl for a holiday party, and a silk scarf would be welcome under any tree.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The refreshed Yarndeavors site is back up and running now. The Shop link now goes to Etsy. This should discourage any h a c k e r s  from attacking me again.

New yarns coming soon. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, visit the Etsy shop, and "like" the Facebook page.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My apologies to anyone who tried to visit the shop. No wonder the orders have been scant. Some idiot hacked me. I typed in my URL to get a nasty photo and the words "YOU ARE HACKED BY SAYMAN SECURITY 0%"

Not only that, but MY ZENCART IS GONE. He deleted MY ENTIRE SHOP. All the yarn, all the photos, EVERYTHING. Just a 404 not found.

I'm currently working on fixing this. Don't know HOW he got in. I am ABSOLUTELY SICK INSIDE.

Family-friendly blog prohibits me from saying what I really feel like saying.